Dos and Don’ts of Social Media Marketing

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Social Media has rules. Believe it or not, for a business to attain social media visibility, there are certain dos and don’ts. For a successful social media marketing campaign, you need more than just a strategy. Starting a business’s online venture can be hard. With constant changes on the social media algorithms, it might be tough to stay updated on current trends. So, here are some rules of social media marketing, which when used accurately for your brand can contribute to a strong social media presence!

  1. Do: Post at the best times

Your followers care about what you have to say about your brand. But, with the amount of information available across social media platforms, people consume information differently at different times. For example, for Instagram, it would be ideal to skip afternoon posts and posting in the evenings on LinkedIn is not the norm. With ample research, you may get this schedule right!

  1. Do: Interact with audience

Interacting with your audience is a key element in all online customer relationships. Whether it’s liking a comment or encouraging audience participation, there needs to be a constant communication between you and your consumers. Responding to queries quickly will also result in credibility of the brand. By responding to consumers, you show that their opinions matter and their sale valued.

  1. Do: Proper research

When you’re posting about current affairs or industry based content, it is important to do your research. There is nothing worse than publishing false information that bears the name of your brand. Also, keep in mind not to project your own opinions when talking about sensitive subjects such as politics, national or natural tragedies, etc. It helps when you are smart about how to use the news to your favour.

  1. Don’t : Post only text

Your posts should represent your brand’s identity and correlate with the brand’s message. But, posts need to convey information in a quick way due to the short attention span of the online audience. Therefore, posting only text may not have the reach that you want. The solution is to be visual. In order to spark consumer interest, try to include attractive images, videos, infographics, etc. wherever you can.

  1. Don’t : Direct Sell

A golden rule of digital marketing is not to engage in direct selling. Thanks to present day Social Media, consumers are constantly bombarded with brands trying to sell to them. In that way, creating curiosity among your audience will benefit your brand in the long run. For this reason, your social media strategy should aim in providing information to consumers, more than selling your products. Try not to make every post about your product.

  1. Don’t: Spam

Though your audience cares about what you post as a brand, it is never a good idea to spam them with posts. This is a good way to lose audience engagement. When your follower sees only your posts in their news feed all day, it doesn’t encourage them to buy from you. Rather, there are high chances they will ‘unfollow’ your account due to spamming. The ideal number of social media posts for a brand is 15 a month.

Apart from these helpful tips, we hope that you don’t obsess over number and do have fun while creating a social media marketing strategy for your brand!

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