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A Complete Education Management Software. Our Vision is to make it possible where technology and education can be combined to transform the life of students.

Edumaat is all about "Imagine Greatness". We had opportunity to work with one of the finest universities in the world and we have acquired the knowledge base required to give an effective technology support for shaping the young minds of the future. With this knowledge we have conceived, designed and created EDUMAAT as an Education Management and Automation system that would effectively influence the efficiency and the effectiveness of the educational institutes for the effective delivery of their programs.

Developing and customizing such a futuristic educational ERP solution, like EDUMAAT is a time consuming process. So, we employ latest methodologies, architecture and frameworks to shorten the development life cycle of the product thus it enabled us to offer EDUMAAT at a competitive price. We wanted to have a very simple implementation and maintenance cost and this methodologies help us in delivering that. Further, we wanted to have a very effective enabler for the institute by way of EDUMAAT and hence some far-flung features that are a hallmark in education best practices are added.

An Educational ERP designed for the whole environment of the education community be it of school, college or and university.


An inbuilt, workflow process that enables the institute's administration to follow a transparent and efficient process in administering the functions of the institute.  


Faculty Management system with integrated lesson plans and materials and lesson based assignments. With module and subject allocation plans faculty time management is taken care off.


A complete student management system that takes care of all the student processes including student performance management to student self services management.


Staff management system with integrated performance management and staff self services management enables the effective view of the staff performance and improvements.


An integrated Library Management System help institutes book issue, and receipts of books to students and faculties. Also have inbuilt functions to build and e-library platform that can be accessed by all users.

Student Fees and Invoicing

Automation of the student fees and invoicing helps in the easy reconciliation of student related fees in the financials of the institute. This comes with a standard operating procedure which makes it easy for students for timely payment of fees.


EDUMAAT can be interfaced with SAP Business One and Tally ERP if need be very easily due to its flexible and native architecture and design.

Facilities Management

The Institute facilities and infrastructure management enables the effective, efficient and sage usage of the facilities of the institute and helps in capital investment decisions.

Query and Issue Management

Query and issue management workflow process automates and gives the management of the institute the power to provide utmost satisfaction by addressing the students, parents and faculties issues in a timely manner.

e-Mart Module

EDUMAAT has an optional e-MART add-on module that gives a great variety of education and other courses for the students on subscription basis. This will help the students to really differentiate themselves in the market.

Reporting and Dashboards

Integrated with the advanced analytical tools EDUMAAT provides the insights required for great decision support systems to the students, parents, faculty and management. Helps in truly "Image Greatness"

Examination Life Cycle Management

Examination management comes with a full best practice of the processes that will automate the full life cycle of the examination process of the institute.

Document Management System

An integrated Document Management System help institute to manage the knowledge base and dissemination of knowledge to a wider student and faculty fraternity.

Data Warehouse

An integrated Document Management System help institute to manage the knowledge base and dissemination of knowledge to a wider student and faculty fraternity within and outside institute

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Edumaat provides a comprehensive solution that addresses your requirements. EDUMAAT ensures integration and automation of all the processes along with the benefit of the insights of analytics for efficient management of the institute, student and faculty performances in all aspects.

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EDUMAAT is customizable due to its design and architecture, offers single window IT  with a pre-integrated suite of softwares and services, provides complete automation of all the operational functions, brings in agility to keep pace with changing processes, and due to its flexibility of options and interoperability offers free licensing and minimised acquisition cost.

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EDUMAAT is suitable for a small country school to a big university because of its inherent flexibility in offering choice of the functionalities and detailing requirements to you.


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