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Laser and Laparoscopic Hospital is in existence for the last 60 years and is presently shouldered by Dr.Anisha Ashok and Dr.Jayanth.  Its unblemished record especially in the field of “ General Surgery ” & “Laparoscopic surgery”is a saga of personal pride and professional achievement for the Institution.

Achieved 1,25,489 Impressions


The major challenge is to create awareness among the target audience and bring walk-ins to the Hospital through lead generation.


  • To revamp the website design to match the standards.
  • To create brand awareness for the hospital.
  • To create the hospital's presence felt on Facebook.
  • To create genuine leads for the hospital.
  • To create a good walk-ins for the hospital.

The key goals were generate business for the hospital and this was broken down into metrics and ratios that identified through the reach, impressions and numbers of leads generated.

Solution Offered

  • To create a refined and elementary website for navigation.
  • To create content backet that would work for a hospital.
  • To create informative and awareness posts & copies.
  • To broadcast messages to connect with the target audience.
  • To promote ads to the consumers and generate viable lead.

3 Step Brand Strategy Was Inculcated-

  1. Website Designing

The website was revamped in such a way that it is user-friendly and viewer can be navigated easily. Relevant SEO friendly content is displayed with engaging designs and elegant color palette.

2. Facebook Posts

Addressing the alarming affliction and in the society and solutions such as less invasive laser surgery, Gallstone disease, obesity problems, colon cancer and fibroids and reaching the right audience through promoting the posts.

3. Ad Campaigns

The following campaigns were created to generate leads

  • Campaign for Hemo Dialysis
  • Deep Vein Thrombosis
  • Gastro Problems
  • Free Consultations for Senior Citizens

Lessons Learnt

  • Cater informative information to the target audience.
  • Show the audience the real issues  to address the same.
  • Create relatable campaigns to reach the right audience.
  • Use bold images to depict the problems faced by patients.
  • Track your competitors.


We have achieved a total of 24000+ likes and a sum of 24,493 followers on the Facebook page. The ad campaigns, created quality leads which led to good walk-ins.

From The Client

“Team CAMS Infotech understood the nuances of the campaign to the detail and gave us a clear picture on how they are going to run the Facebook campaign to generate leads. Their Co-ordination and follow-up with leads generated was excellent ”

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