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About Linen Crust

Linen Crust is a unique brand that manufactures Irish Linen shirts. The fibres of Linen have a natural exhibit to them, making them the ideal choice for Men’s shirts. The brand specializes in crafting exquisite Men’s wear that is perfect for every occasion. The Fashion Apparels brand believes in high standards of quality in manufacturing, thereby setting us apart from our competitors.


The primary challenge was to create a great website with the right template and which has an excellent user interface. The website needed to sync with the brand that would ensure traffic was driven onto the website.


  • To revamp the website design to match the standards of an ecommerce website.
  • To create a full-fledged e-commerce website that is in sync with the standards of the Magento Platform.
  • To create brand awareness for the Fashion Brand.
  • To increase the traffic towards the website. 
  • User-friendly and scalable eCommerce website

The focus was towards creating a website on Magento 2 platform that had excellent device compatibility, and easy user-experience, and great User Interface. 

Solution Offered

CAMS intended to create a website that spoke their brand, which conveyed their brand to the user in not more than two scrolls. Built on Magento 2, the website has various options. One of the website’s unique options is the ability of the consumer to customize their shirts. The elements are:

  • Fit,
  • Length of Sleeves,
  • Collar Type.

 Having its brand image as a foundation, it was easy to build an online version that is both sophisticated and user-friendly. We wanted to increase the traffic and time spent on the page – suffice to say, it was accomplished. The design and aesthetic part of the website is above par in comparison to the competitors.

Brand Strategy: 

  • Website Designing

The website was revamped in such a way that it is user-friendly and the viewer can be navigated easily. Engaging designs and elegant color palette was implemented. A keen amount of concentration was towards choosing a platform and template that could incorporate the brand's products and mandatory features.

Lessons Learnt

  • Since it is a market with not many competitors, it was crucial to incorporate the brand’s features onto the website.

  • Track your competitors. 


We have achieved a fast and secure website. The website has paved the way towards great sales for Linen Crust. Implementing a great user interface for the website that has provided Linen Crust with new customers, better customer engagement & retention and increased the speed of the website. The eCommerce website is proven to be superior compared to the previous design and its competitors.

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