Sri Veeras Creations

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A well-known brand that is trusted by many

Sri Veera’s Creations is a contemporary textile shop which houses the largest collection of silks, textiles and ready-made garments in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. They have acquired a reputation of providing good quality garments at affordable prices. They also cater to whole sale customers to make profitable real businesses for them.
Like every successful brand, Sri Veera’s creations had humble beginnings in a 250 square feet shop. With good vision and proper initiatives, the humble shop was transformed into one of the largest and most trustworthy retail showrooms in Chennai. Over the last few decades, they were able to create a brand image and trust across audiences. Their contemporary textile shop houses the largest collection of silk sarees, designer sarees, cotton sarees, salwar kameez, men’s wear, readymade garments for all age groups, shirting and suiting and home furnishing linen
Achieved an Increase in Click Through Rate of 0.72% generating a number of new sales
Continuous flow of Improvement in the Number of Visitors and New Users

What they needed

With a lot of trust from customers and a little bit of creativity, Sri Veera’s creations were ready to dive into the online venture. For running a successful eCommerce platform, there needs to be ample research done on ways we can innovate the online selling game. The company aimed to sell their products with complete ease for the customers with the goal of bringing them back for upcoming orders. With the launch of an eCommerce website, we need to ask the right questions such as can the website handle all the traffic it can get? And how can a new platform support an existing brand image?

What we did for them

Our campaign’s primary goal was to create an optimized website that is also user friendly. We designed a website that will take care of all the functionality of the online business. Our campaign helped create a Magento 2.2.4 website for Sri Veera’s Creations. The leading enterprise–class eCommerce platform offers a range of flexible tools that cover all of the advanced marketing, SEO and catalogue-management needs.
Magento is known for its ease of use and other beneficial features. Magento 2.2.4 can take this feature to a whole new level that can create the most user-friendly and scalable eCommerce environment. With its advanced tools, it is safe to say that the look, content, and functionality of an online business can be easier to control than ever.
Having their brand image as a foundation, it was easy to build an online version that is both sophisticated and user-friendly. Our aim was to bring in lots of traffic and have them stay on the page for longer times. We wanted to make sure that the design of the website increases engagement by appealing aesthetically to all audiences.

What we achieved

With our research infused strategy, we were able to get the bounce rate down by 24.31% and increase the page views 283,206. Our strategy helped minimize errors and increase the loading speed. The design of the website paved way for easy navigation which helped consumers with optimizing their usage time on the website. This also hugely reflected on the brand’s sales and revenue through the website. With the quality of the products and their affordable prices along with the incredible features of the Magento 2.2.4 website, we were able to run a successful web development campaign for Sri Veera’s creations.

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