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The Legacy of VVD Hair Oil Products dates back to 1943. The Brand has an unflinching authority in South India and has become a household name over the time. The brand continues to grow and evolve with a new line of products made out of coconut which is pure and natural.

Average Engagement Rate of 4.5% for Social Media Posts
Organic Community Growth of 15%
Average of 26 Leads on Distribution Enquirers Per Month
Social shares by network


To build a robust community of Millennials and create awareness on the new line of products launched for the New Generation. 


Social Media team of CAMS Infotech started targeting and building the community of men and women who belong to the millennial era and persuaded them to try the New Line of VVD products. We launched campaigns and contests relating to hair care and spoke about many other hair care problems and solutions on social media channels. The campaigns connected emotional connect with the targeted audience and the engagement rate increased with our efforts.


Organic Increase in the community of 15%. Average Engagement Rate of 4.5% for Social Media posts. Campaigns saw increase in the mention of the brand, clients providing testimonials, queries on the benefits of the product, Request from Distribution network from other parts of the country. Our efforts have laid the perfect platform for future commerce and penetration towards new generation target audience.

15% Inc Organic Growth

4.5% Organic Engagement Rate

26 Distribution Enquirers Per Month

From The Client

“They ensured that the community growth from the right target segment happened. The came out with creative campaigns which created robust engagement from the followers. Surprisingly we also started getting distributorship enquiries through social media channels”

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