Case Study - SBI



SBI Chennai Zone 1 with a planned approach decided to explore facebook marketing to target clients who fall under their perspective areas. The Chennai Zone 1 covered parts of Chennai and vellore districts.

They had launched a missed call campaign and want to collaborate and promote products to generate leads from the prospective clients who fall under Chennai zone 1.

The Problem

As the leads has to be generated only from the localities which are situated near the branches which fall under the sbi Chennai zone 1, we decided to set the campaign priorities according to it.

  • A Bulk Upload into the facebook localities was done with a matching locations of 90 and above
  • People who live in the location were selected for targeting
  • Various products with different objectives were selected for the promotion campaign to generate leads

The Solution

CAMS digital marketing team went on to choose "Facebook Lead Ads" as the campaign objective to generate leads and as well as popularize the missed call campaign by running reach out ads for the selected localities.


We the Team at CAMS Infotech Pvt ltd generated about 255 Leads in a window of 45 days time.


The products which were chosen to be promoted were Home loans, Car loans, Insurance, Mutual funds, and Personal loans. The campaign is successful and generating leads on an on-going basis for the clients.