May 10, 2020
Founder & Managing Director

We had signed up with cams for our website development, and they were pretty fast with their deliverables and also guided us on how to go about it... They also help us in our social media management too..their whole team has young and refreshing ideas. Thanks for the support, and wish you guys all the best, CAMS

CMS Development Services

Manage your website without the help of a developer. Easily create, edit, manage, delete, review, and publish the content and images to your website.


Content Management system (CMS) development services from CAMS Infotech enables you to have complete control of your website. With our CMS service you can build your website according to your business needs and requirements. Get a user friendly interface, instant access to your website contents and sections, update them by yourself without developers help.

CMS is an effective way to update your daily news, blogs, change content of your website pages, upload case studies, whitepapers, and connect with your customers on daily basis. CMS enables you to take your customer on their buying journey from the awareness stage to consideration stage, and then decision making stage leading to increase in leads and sales.

Easy Updating

You don’t have to be a technical expert to update the CMS Website. Whether it is updating your industry news, events, publishing blogs, changing your web page content, you can do it all by yourself.

Multiple Users

It has to be User Friendly and creative with the right color combinations to convey your brand message.A CMS website allows you to give roles to users who have to update content on regular basis. You can give access to the content writers for publishing blogs, product executive to add and remove products and so on.

Improved Site Maintenance

You can easily manage your website and make changes without having to break the website architecture. You can add plugins and add-ons easily to add value to your customer and users.

Easy Design Changes

Not ok with your website design? You can change themes and fit your existing content with CMS websites. With CMS Websites the content and the design are in separate boxes, and with this you can keep your site functional while making the design changes.

Easy Content Management

It is not only about publishing content, but also about removing what you don’t want. If you want to include customized content such as countdown calendars and lists you can easily do it with CMS Websites.

Complete Control

With all the before said advantages, you are in complete control with a CMS website, instead of depending on the vendor or the web developer. This puts you on the driving seat when it comes to this important business tool.


Joomla stands out when you want to build large complex websites, which can be managed by the users for the updations. E-bay, Harvard, General Electric and Ikea are few of the websites build using Joomla


Wordpress stands out as the best CMS website for Small and Medium sized businesses, bloggers, e-commerce startups and independent business owners. It is less complex and highly customizable and user-friendly for daily updates.


Drupal comes in handy for those who want to build large content management websites. If you are looking out to create websites with thousands of pages with thousands of audiences visiting your site choose drupal.


Magento is known for its brand. It offers in-depth features in e-commerce and scalable to heights as your business grows. If you have very high ambitions of growing your e-commerce business nationally or internationally choose Magento.

Woo Commerce

Woocommerce by partnering with WordPress has enabled bloggers and website owners to set up a cost-effective e-commerce store. It works in line with WordPress and easy to use. If you are looking out to set up an e-commerce store with easy learning curve in managing your online business, woocommerce will be the ideal solution for you.

Open Cart

Open cart offers many good sets of features including but not limited to strong catalog functionality and a robust mechanism for order processing. The interfaces provided by open cart are simple and straight forward. Cost wise it is easily approachable by small businesses.

Website Testing

We provide CMS developments services with WordPress, Joomla and Drupal. We provide integrated WYSIWYG editor for simplifying content writing and publishing. You can install plug-ins and add-ons. We deliver, after testing the CMS functionality with various devices, operating systems and browsers.

Website Testing

We are aware of the importance of the successful CMS development services, which is why we create informative, engaging and persuasive layouts that captures customers’ interest. We tailor a bespoke CMS development strategy for each of our clients.


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