Case Study - VVD Hair Care

VVD Hair Care

About Client

The legacy of VVD dates back to 1943. An inspiration of Shri Nithyanadham, it was started by Mr.V.V.Dhanushkodi. Ever since, it has grown substantially into a 200 crore company. The VVD groups of companies are also renowned in the field of activated carbon, spices, windmills, shipping, finances, warehousing and packaging. VVD Gold coconut oil was the first of its kind to be sold as package in India and is still illustrious for its authentic purity.


Being a traditional brand, Brand VVD has lost its touch with the younger generation due to changing consumer behaviour. The Millennial and teenagers are shifting to modern hair care products which give them immediate gratification. VVD is faced with a challenge to create awareness among the younger audience, stay connected with their younger audience and create a loyal community.



We suggested VVD to connect with their audience thru facebook. As their audience are more vibrant and active on this platform, we suggested to build a community on facebook to start with.