8 Ways to get High Quality Back Links

Introduction: Digital marketing plays a major role in giving exposure to businesses worldwide. Search Engine Optimization (SEO), in particular, gets major organic traffic to many e-commerce sites and businesses sites. Here, backlink gets into the center of attention. Using backlinks, we can generate large amounts of leads and rank up our site in google search engine.

Now let’s see how to get high quality backlinks for our website. There are 8 interesting strategies used by many popular digital marketing agencies nowadays.

Guest Posting: Guest posting is a common method used for getting backlinks. Here, we search for websites with guest posting which are relevant to our niche. As the name suggests, guest posting is nothing but posting our blogs onto other websites with the same interests. The steps are so simple to follow,

First, we search for websites which are guest posting and have relevance to our niche. There are several keywords for searching the guest post some of them are,
Niche + ‘submit your guest post.”
Niche + ‘guest post”
Niche + ‘guest post by’
Niche + ‘accepting guest post’

Then as for the second step, after finding the website suitable for us, we will look for a topic to create the blog if the topics are given, else we can choose our topic for the blog relevant to both of our websites.

Coming to the next step, if there is a form for submitting our article we can submit it there, else we need to send an email to the website owner requesting to submit our article on their website.

Broken Links: This method is kind of an enjoyable way to get a backlink. Here, it just follows three simple steps,

First, we search for resource pages relevant to our niche. We look for resource pages more than normal blog pages because the resource pages have more links than any other blog pages. For this method also there are several keywords to search for resource pages and some of them are,

Niche + ‘helpful resources’
Niche + ‘useful resources’
Niche + ‘useful links’

Then after finding the resource page for our niche, we can see lots of article links, here we can use chrome extensions for detecting. And the one I’m suggesting is ‘Check my links’.

And as for the last step, mail to the owner of the resource page and let them know that there are broken links in their page and you have an article to replace those links.

Skyscraper Technique: In this technique, we replace the existing popular and trending blog with our attractive and well updated content.

There are two main reasons why this technique can achieve success than other techniques are, We are replacing the content that people are already interested in.
The target audience of the website we are posting on is already interested in the topic we are posting.

For this method, We first need to search for the content that is popular and relevant to our niche. Then create content that is way better and updated than the original content by which we can replace it. After that request the sites that linked to the original content to link us instead.

Resource Pages: The resource page’s whole existence is to provide links relevant to the website’s niche. By getting backlinks from these sites you can get traffic easily.

It follows three simple steps:
1.Search for relevant resource pages.
2.Create the best fit content.
3.Reach out site.

For this one we can use the same type of keywords we used for broken links above the article. After finding the site suitable for you, submit your article and get lots of traffic.

Forums: Forum link building, as it sounds, involves going out and finding relevant forums and securing a link from within them. It’s good for two reasons, Driving targeted traffic to your site. Create relationships between influencers in the industry. This method is easy to implement, we need to find the forums relevant to our niche and then by actively engaging in discussions we can include a link to our website, and we can establish authority within the community and earn authoritative backlinks.

Relevant Blog Commenting: As the name suggests, in the relevant blog commenting method we can add our anchor text along with the comments. These links in general, aren’t the most authoritative.

For this we must read the full article and then give a detailed comment about the blog. It can fall under no-follow link. So, we must create a comment that gets accepted.

Reverse Image Search: This method is not as effective as other techniques. For this method you need to have a special requirement i.e., you should have an image that you have ownership.

If you have the ownership, then we can start our detective work. We can reverse search our image by uploading it in google image search. If anyone used your image in their website, we could demand them to add our link to the image or remove them from their website.

Social Media Profile: Last but not least, the social media profile technique is where we add our site to the profile bio of our account on different platforms such as Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. This technique gets more beneficial if you optimize your social media marketing.

So far, we have seen different strategies for getting backlinks, now we should check on a website where we get backlinks.

Let’s list it out in five points,
1. Check the website’s Domain Authority (DA).
2. Check how many keywords the website appears for.
3. Check that the website has a decent amount of organic traffic.
4. Check that the website has a good number of referring domains.
5. Check that the page isn’t linking out to tons of another different website.

In the world of backlinks, quality reigns supreme. Apply these strategies wisely and get high rankings in google search engine. Start building high-quality links and be successful.

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