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Empowering Your Workforce, Streamlining Payroll

Say goodbye to HR and payroll complexities with Target HRMS. Tailored for diverse industries, especially manufacturing and compliance-focused factories, our solution provides a complete HR and payroll package. Experience the ease of mobile-responsive dashboards, ensuring that your workforce management is as dynamic as your business.

Functional Areas

Employee Management

Involves maintaining a centralized employee database to manage personnel information such as contact details, employment history, and performance reviews, along with providing an employee self-service portal for accessing personal information, submitting leave requests, and updating details.

Time & Attendance

Tracking utilizes an automated system to record employee attendance, hours worked, and overtime, often integrating with biometric devices or mobile apps for accurate time capture.

Payroll Processing

Includes comprehensive functionality to calculate salaries, deductions, and taxes accurately, along with automated payroll runs that cover direct deposit, check printing, and tax filing.

Performance Management

Involves implementing a performance appraisal system for setting goals, conducting evaluations, and providing feedback, supported by performance dashboards and analytics for tracking employee performance and identifying areas for improvement.


Streamline HR processes, reduce manual tasks, and improve overall efficiency


Minimize errors in payroll processing and compliance management, ensuring accurate and timely payments.

Employee Satisfaction

Provide self-service options for employees, empowering them to manage their information and benefits.

Insightful Reporting

Access real-time data and analytics for informed decision-making and strategic workforce planning.

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