Target SCM

Target SCM - Supply Chain Management

Powering Your Supply Chain Dynamics

Transform your supply chain with Target SCM, a versatile solution applicable across industries. Boost purchase and distribution processes, and gain real-time visibility into your supply chain. With online tools for customer purchase orders and tracking, Target SCM ensures efficiency and transparency in every link of your supply chain.

Functional Areas

Supplier Management

Supplier Management involves streamlining supplier onboarding and relationship management, as well as monitoring supplier performance to ensure timely deliveries.

Supplier Collaboration

Involves collaborating with suppliers to improve forecasting accuracy and reduce lead times by sharing demand forecasts and production schedules to align supply with demand.

Inventory Optimization

Involves optimizing inventory levels across the supply chain to minimize carrying costs while implementing demand forecasting and replenishment strategies for efficient inventory management.

Warehouse Management

Entails efficiently managing warehouse operations, including receiving, storage, and picking, while implementing barcode scanning and RFID technology for accurate inventory tracking.

Logistics & Distribution

Aims to plan and optimize transportation routes to reduce shipping costs and improve delivery times, while also tracking shipments in real-time and providing visibility to stakeholders throughout the supply chain.

Cost Reduction

Optimize inventory levels, reduce procurement costs, and minimize transportation expenses.

Improved Efficiency

Automate manual processes, reduce lead times, and increase productivity across the supply chain.

Better Collaboration

Foster collaboration with suppliers and partners to improve forecasting accuracy and reduce supply chain risks.

Customer Satisfaction

Meet customer demand with on-time deliveries and accurate order fulfillment, leading to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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