How is Instagram a business tool?

There is a lot more we can do for our business beyond just running ads on Instagram. Some features create an impressive amount of exposure which takes our brand to the right set of audiences. Let us explore its features and find out what does makes it a business tool.

Make use of the unique features.

Instagram stories

Let’s talk about the Instagram stories first. We can conduct polls, Q and A sessions, guess the right answers, and a lot more with just this feature alone. These types of stories are interactive that makes the content of our brand interesting.

Moreover, when we make them interact, it creates an interest making them explore our brand, turning the audience into our potential customers.

Story highlights allow us to keep the stories on our page even after 24 hours, where we can preserve the stories on which our clients have mentioned us.

Instagram Reels.

Coming to the reels, People have fun with trends here. We use those trends to moment market our products which creates a lot of exposure for our brand. Also, we can post behind the scenes of our brands which gives our audience a personal connection with our brands.

We can even create a unique sound for our brand and ask influencers to make reels using that sound and make our brand a trend.

Turn your audience into customers.

We can achieve our set of audience by doing these. But it takes a lot to make them our potential customers. We are here to work on it with you.

Cams has the set of SMO strategists who are capable of skyrocketing your engagements. Reach us to know more.

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