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The major challenge is to generate relevant leads for the offered NRI (LVB Crown NRE Savings Account) services.

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The Challenge

  • To create the relevant target audience for LVB Crown NRE Savings Account.
  • To create awareness about the Lakshmi Vilas Bank NRI services.
  • To create interesting and simple advertisements for better reach.
  • To create genuine leads for LVB Crown NRE Savings Account.
  • To create a good conversion for LVB Crown NRE Savings Account.

The key goals were generate business for Lakshmi Vilas Bank (LVB Crown NRE Savings Account) and this was broken down into metrics and ratios that identified through the reach, impressions and numbers of leads generated.


  • To create interesting and informative advertisements.
  • To broadcast the advertisements to the target audience.
  • To promote advertisements to the audience and generate viable lead.

Brand Strategy was to use engaging and straight-forward message to influence the target audience through the Advertisement Campaigns-

The following types of campaigns were created to generate leads for LVB Crown NRE Savings Account:

  • Single Post Ads
  • Carasoul Ads
  • Video Ads

Lessons Learnt

  • Cater relevant information to the target audience.
  • Show the audience the what they wish you see and at the right time.
  • Create relatable campaigns to reach the right audience.
  • Use bold images & lucid content about LVB Crown NRE Savings Account
  • Track your competitors.

The Results

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