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The term digital marketing has become synonymous with marketing itself. But to understand digital marketing we need to understand its audience. This will give us a kind of inverted approach to the large spread sheet we are trying to access to.

Audience in Digital Marketing

We can broadly classify audience in digital marketing into four categories

By Search Intend By Content and what they are reading
By Profile By Remarketing


By Search Intent, by content and what they are reading, by profile like age, gender, location and interests, by remarketing who visited your digital marketing assets.

By Search Intend

People are searching. Search is the intended nature of human beings and we have been searching for what we need from time immemorial.

This statement might sound little odd or unusual but in a way, it is and undeniable truth.

When you are about to have a baby, you might be searching for “baby products” or “mom and baby stores” nearby. So these are audiences who search with an intention of buying a product or service.

Example: Google Adwords – Exact match keywords, phrase match keyword and broad match keywords are examples.

By content and what they are reading

People are reading. Before searching people read about what they are in need and want.

If you have a hair fall problem, you go to blogs and read about hair fall problems and watch videos on hair fall issues and how to cure them or solve them.

Example: Blogs, videos, portals with specific topics, display ads, banner ads and video ads are the places where you reach out to people reading content on what they need.

By Profile

One of the most traditional ways of reaching out to people in advertising is by their profile.

Age, Gender, location, Designation, Marital Status, Based on Upcoming Birthdays, Anniversaries and Parental Status are part of profile based targeting.

If you want to reach out to a female between the age group of 35-40, in Unites states living in Winconsin, who has shown interest in silk sarees, Indian wedding, it is possible to target them through facebook and pinterest.

Example: Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Linkedin, Adwords and Display Ads Narrow Targeting


Remarketing gives you the power to reach out to customer who has already visited your digital marketing assets. Be it your website, facebook page, landing page, twitter, linkedin, pinterest, youtube videos, a visitor clicked on your banner ads it is now possible to re-target them.

Advanced options like link tracking, In-marketing audiences on google, custom audiences on facebook gives us an option to target visitors who visited specific pages, people who have visited our digital marketing assets recently, within 30 days to 180 days to 365 days in year.

Example: Remarketing Pixel on Google, Facebook Custom Audience, Social Media Remarketing Pixels.

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