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Pothys Textiles is a renowned brand in South India, known for its extensive collection of textiles, including exclusive silk sarees like Samudrika, Parampara, Vasundhara, Vastrakala, and Kanchipuram Wedding Silks. With a legacy spanning several decades, Pothys serves a diverse clientele, offering collections for women, men, bridal and groom, and kids.
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Pothys Textiles partners with CAMS Infotech to enhance their social media presence. The primary goals are:

– Increase brand awareness
– Drive customer engagement
– Boost online sales
– Enhance follower growth
– Improve online conversions

Initial Challenges

Before implementing the social media optimization strategy, Pothys Textiles faced several challenges:

– Achieving organic growth
– Encouraging customers to explore products on their website
– Increasing their follower base on various social media platforms

Research and Analysis

CAMS Infotech conducts thorough research and analysis to develop an effective strategy. This includes:

– Monthly competitor analysis to compare sales and online presence
– Trendsetting in concept presentation, product showcasing, and social media selling

Strategy Development

To address the challenges, the following strategies are developed:

– Creation of a detailed content calendar tailored to customer engagement and interests
– Use of a mix of content types such as behind-the-scenes (BTS) videos, product reels, stacks of sarees and dresses, creative model shoots, and styling tips
– Execution of themed campaigns for special occasions
– Exercise with various Influencer Marketing and PR teams for Fashion Events
– Organise and help with In-store Events and Outdoor shoots

Content Creation

The content creation process is diverse and strategic:

– Themes and concepts are planned monthly
– Personalized captions, hashtags, and scheduling are meticulously crafted to maximize engagement
– Plan and organise shoots regularly
– Post on all Social Media Platforms Daily
– Source the most asked Product for Stories

Tools and Techniques

Several tools and techniques are employed:
– SEO optimization and hashtag research
– Use of analytics tools for performance tracking
– Scheduling tools for timely content posting
– Partnerships with Meta for guided personal support and campaign optimization

Implementation Timeline

The implementation of the strategy is immediate, with initial results visible within a few months. The ongoing efforts ensure sustained growth and engagement.

Team Involvement

The execution involves:
– CAMS Infotech’s in-house social media team
– Coordination with influencers for marketing campaigns
– Direct involvement and support from Pothys’ brand owners

Results Achieved

Additional Support

CAMS Infotech provides inputs beyond social media, offering comprehensive advice to improve overall digital strategy. This holistic approach ensures that Pothys Textiles benefits from a well-rounded plan that spans across all platforms and commercial avenues.

Client Feedback

Pothys Textiles expresses high satisfaction with the results, noting:
– Effective brand representation on social media
– Increased customer engagement and sales
– Positive feedback from customers about the engaging and diverse content


Lessons Learned

Key takeaways from the project include:
– Importance of a well-researched and dynamic content calendar
– Effectiveness of themed campaigns in driving engagement
– Value of ongoing competitor analysis and trendsetting

Future Plans

Based on the success of the current strategy, future plans include:
– Continued development of innovative content and campaigns
– Exploration of new social media platforms and features
– Further optimization of ad strategies and influencer partnerships

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Pothys, famously known as “The Aalayam of Textiles,” ventured into the luxurious world of jewellery with the establishment of Pothys Swarna Mahal in 2021. Within just three years, Pothys Swarna Mahal has not only become a household name in Chennai.

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