SEO not an On/Off switch

Why does SEO fail?

The reason why do we fail at building a fully optimized page we lack regularity. We procrastinate and get and get lost in the ocean.
Holding the switch on with consistency matters. We switch on the optimization whenever we feel like doing it and completely ignoring it thereafter, SEO doesn’t work that way. It demands your online presence with regularity.

Why do we quit SEO?

Well, optimizing your content online is not a piece of cake. It seems like it takes forever to get ranked by Google, get exhausted working on quality content, structuring URL, building backlinks, and so on.

We conclude that it’s not going to work and decide to cut the cost and throw SEO away from our business.

We quit making all efforts and waiting for our page to rank, failing to have patience.

We get too much drained before even creating the content, just because we think this won’t get ranked. We never really give the time it needs, expecting the results sooner. In reality, hundreds of other sites have the same goals, Out of all the one who holds the switch continuously wins.

Getting pulled towards paid traffic.

For the same reason why we quit SEO, We get pulled towards paid traffic. We make payments, we enjoy the traffic, and expect to retain it, But the reality is we should pay again to get it. It says to us that paid traffic sources only drive in the traffic. We can’t retain them in the long run.

So pick SEO over paid traffic, It might seem tough to hold on to it, we might think it is never going to happen, We easily get tempted to pay for the traffic but holding on to SEO works in the bigger picture.

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