9 Mobile applications that make our daily lives easier

Everyone can agree that smartphones have made our lives easier than it used to be. But with the concept of convenience, it is no doubt that we are constantly looking for new ways of efficiency in our lives. To our luck, developers are constantly creating apps that are useful for many people, regardless of our different needs and priorities. In the list below, we are highlighting useful apps that add convenience to a lot of people’s lives!
  1. Uber
Uber is a perfect app for those days when your car is at the wash or when you’re leaving a party at 3 am or when you just don’t feel like taking the public transport! Uber is the most popular ride sharing app which lets you book your rides with ease! Now you don’t have to worry about missing your ride ever!
  1. Google maps
You are on the road with a friend who’s driving and claims to know the route but clearly doesn’t. What do you do? Google maps can come to your rescue! Wherever you might be, with just a click of a button, you can find easy routes to your destination. Developed by Google, the maps are equipped to show directions via foot, car and public transport!
  1. Swiggy
Don’t we all love days that we don’t need to cook? Days when we are able to relax and unwind with movies and friends with not a care in the world. Swiggy is a delicious solution to all your food needs for those lazy days! Try different cuisines, look for attractive discounts or just enjoy your favourites with this popular food delivering app!
  1. Truecaller
For all those people that hate picking up calls from unknown numbers, this app is a saviour! Truecaller identifies unknown callers and numbers that are known to be spam. This amazingly convenient app saves a lot of time and energy that are usually spent on answering spam calls!
  1. Camscanner
Not everyone has got a scanner at home. It is also not very convenient to run to the printing and scanning shop every time you need a document scanned. Camscanner is the world’s number 1 document scanning and sharing app. The app turns your mobile into a portable scanner by easily cropping, enhancing images and making text legible, you would think you used an actual scanner!
  1. Google pay
Google pay is advertised as the simple way to send money to your friends and family, and boy is it easy! This highly convenient app lets you send money to people with just their mobile number. You can also recharge your mobile, shop online, and pay your bills with zero fees. So, send money to your mum with ease, or spilt lunch with your friend or even pay your rent with Google pay!
  1. Photo editing apps
With every person being active on social networking sites these days, it gets hard to top other people with creative photo sharing. For this reason alone, we use a number of photo editing apps on our phones before posting that one ‘perfect’ picture on Instagram! PicsArt, Photo Editor and VSCO Cam are some of the most popular apps with a number of features that can make your picture insta ready!
  1. Shazam
Used by a lot of music lovers, Shazam is a music recognising app that instantly identifies music playing in your surrounding with just a click of a button! It is perfect for those times when you love a song that you hear and do not know the name of the song. It is a must have app for music lovers!
  1. Evernote
Evernote is a perfect mobile application for people who like everything to be organized. Whether you have a to-do list, grocery list or just some thoughts that you need to jot down, Evernote can make a note of everything! Next time you need a reminder about something, this app can help you!
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