Are Instagrammers bloggers?

Are Instagrammers bloggers? How different is it from other media?

A microblog is an online broadcast medium that is a type of blog in which users post digital content such as pictures, text, audio or video online. These posts under each individual’s online identity are then made available to a small community or public that follows their content online. Due to the smaller content that is put out, microblogging differs from a traditional type of blog.

With the advancement of technology and readily available content from different platforms, the attention span of people has decreased. Therefore, the ideal way of grabbing the attention of consumers online is to provide content that is short. Short content allows us to convey news, tips, and other types of content quickly and effectively, as opposed to a traditional post that can contain 500-1000 words.

When Twitter began to flourish, the initial character limit for each post was restricted to 140. This was seen as an obstacle to put across people’s thoughts within a confined amount of a canvas. But based on research, social media experts state that users tend to read only 20% of the content they’re shown online. This encourages users to post content that is short but grabs people’s attention quickly. This attention may not guarantee a prolonged trust that brands want, but it can indeed do wonders with respect to online advertising.


Instagram is experiencing a rapid growth in content consumption. This is only because Instagram is able to deliver content that can be consumed within a span of seconds at different intervals. This is based on the type of content that is put out. With Instagram, users have the liberty to post pictures with captions where they can express their thoughts. Posting ‘stories’ that disappear after 24 hours poses as an advantage for users who want to post content that are only available for a limited span thereby creating a demand for that particular type of content.

With Instagram, it is important for the ‘blogger’/ influencer to target one particular field where they can generate posts regularly and build a following. For example, fitness bloggers post about health, workout, and diet plans. Makeup artists post short makeup videos, makeup tips and other makeup related content that attracts users whose interests are similar.

An influencer’s followers range from hundreds to thousands; depending on how popular they are and what field they post about. An important strategy for keeping the followers count intact is audience engagement. Instagram bloggers say that this helps them establish a good relationship where people can trust them. When these influencers post sponsored content such as ads from huge brands worldwide, it is vital that the followers trust the blogger that they follow. For this purpose, influencers post constantly engage with their followers by either liking their comments or replying to their comments. Occasionally, they hold Q&A (Question and answer) posts that help their followers know more about the lives of the influencers they follow online.

Lifestyle blogging on Instagram is another popular type of blogging that has thousands of following. With this type of blogging, influencers post content about travel, food, fashion, etc. Followers are able to enjoy looking at pictures taken at different destinations around the world, their cuisines, breathtaking scenery views, etc. Consuming content such as these on a daily basis gives users the satisfaction and the illusion of living such a lifestyle through the screen. Although, social media experts say that not everything posted on Instagram is a reflection of real life, it is undeniable that consumers love and enjoy the type of content that they can dream about enjoying in real life one day.

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