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Arun Excello is one of the leading real estate businesses, renowned all around India. Their expertise in the fields of building and construction has crossed leaps and bounds over the years. All their accomplished projects and ongoing projects are delivered at remarkable standards. Arun Excello’s journey of making peoples’ living better is endless!

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Arun Excello

The plan is to reach the audience through different digital mediums like Google and Facebook with Ad campaigns. The ads encompass all the vital information about the ongoing projects. The ads are created highlighting the essential services and infrastructure of various projects. The target is to reach potential buyers, thus generating leads that escalate their business traffic.

We strategized a campaign to create awareness among people about the wide array of projects of Arun Excello. The motive is to make people aware of the availability of wonderful homes concerning people of all walks of life.

Our take on promoting varied projects resulted in satisfying different customers with varying requirements and desires. We worked on a scheduled timeline that balanced the weightage of different projects. During the December – March timescale, projects namely Heights, Green Acres, Jalmika, Haripriya, Sindhura, and Taragini were promoted. The second schedule promoted the above-mentioned projects along with Ziva. Exclusive projects like Jalmika and Haripriya were promoted extensively between April-May.

The campaign results were pretty immense. We generated a total of about 4,444 leads in Facebook, which is 1523, 2203, 718 leads under each scheduled breakdown. We reached a prolific number of people about 476,564. The promotions via Google ads generated about 360 leads and total of 162,144 impressions. These massive results ensure that our mission was accomplished beyond bounds.

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