Indian Bank

Indian Bank is a financial services company established in the year 1907 in Chennai, India. With a growing number of employees and branches, Indian bank is one of the top performing public sector banks in India.

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Indian Bank

Our campaign generated leads for Indian Bank’s various loan products such as home, vehicle and MSME. Our campaign instigated the search to reach out to the designated audience to promote these products. The actively searched brand name ‘Indian Bank’ on Google also plays a strong role in promoting the brand and the products.

Our campaign’s primary goal was to generate leads for Indian Bank’s home loan, vehicle loan and MSME loan products.

Our extensive keyword research for loan products helped create a list of commercially targeted keywords that helped bring traffic to Indian Bank’s name. One of our main strategies was to lower the cost per acquisition and simultaneously keeping the cost per click at the lowest.

By optimizing the keywords and the proposed strategy and also constantly monitoring the performance at the campaign level, ad group level and keywords level, we were able to achieve our goals. Our approach was to work towards maximizing traffic to the optimized landing pages on Indian Bank’s website. We also created a conversion pixel to measure the results.

The brand’s name along with our strategies helped us obtain an amazing boost in the number of clicks and conversations. Indian Bank’s product proposition with low interest rates also played a huge role in gaining the results.

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