Creating Job Offers- New Feature on Facebook.

Wanted to hire people? Well here is a new way to do that. Facebook has introduced the new feature to post jobs on Facebook. Isn’t it a great news? This new feature has been rolled out in 40 countries.

Why has Facebook introduced this new feature?

Well, during the research they found that more than 60% of local businesses create new jobs. Facebook wants to help people to find those jobs and help local businesses to hire the right talent. So they are expanding the ability to apply for jobs directly to more than 40 countries.

In an online poll conducted by a research firm with 5000 adults in the USA, one out of 4 people said that they searched for a job using Facebook and got the right fit. Since introducing this facility in USA and Canada last year, they have built new features like posting jobs on mobile, manage applications, and schedule interviews. Job seekers can also set up job alerts for the type of job types they are looking for and they are interested in.

For Job Seekers

It is easy, quick and free to find jobs on Facebook now. Go to the dashboard and explore the kind of jobs you are looking for. You can also explore jobs by taping the marketplace icon or visiting the Jobs tab on a Facebook business page. So what next? When you are ready to apply for a role, you can create an application, which will populate with job history and other information from your Facebook profile. You can edit the application and submit it to the employer. Once you finish applying, a messenger conversation will open on the business page, and you can get directly in touch with the employer and confirm when your details have been received. The businesses will be able to see the information you provide them directly, and what’s available publicly on your profile. You can subscribe to alerts to stay on top of the jobs you are interested in.

For Businesses

Businesses now can create jobs and hire quickly, easily and affordably. Businesses can attract the right talent by posting jobs on their Facebook business page. Page admins can do this, with details like Job title, job type (full time, part time, intern) salary and more. Job posts will appear in multiple places including the Jobs dashboard on the Facebook business page, marketplace and news feed. Job posts can appear in the news feed similar to other page posts, and businesses can choose to boost the post to reach out directly to the right target audience. For example, if you are looking for a delivery boy for your business you can boost the post directly to fresher’s, experienced and those who are looking for similar jobs using the Facebook adverts account options. Businesses can also manage their applications, and communicate with applicants, including scheduling interviews and sending automated reminders, directly through messenger.

There is more Facebook can do the connect businesses with the local audience. They invested about $1 Billion since 2011 to help local businesses grow and help people find jobs. They are planning to invest the same amount in 2018, in more teams, technology, and programs. It is only when businesses succeed, communities thrive.

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