Do Chatbots help improve your SEO strategy?

What are Chatbots?

A product of AI-based computer programs, ‘chatbot’ was designed to simulate conversations with human users over the internet. Think of the process like the game of Tennis. It follows the continuous process of ‘speak, reply, speak, and reply’. They are also one of the increasingly popular marketing tools in everyday business operations.

With recent improvements in technology, customers expect personalized interactions with brands that would help make them feel valued as a consumer. Highly intuitional AI powered technologies are designed to improve their knowledge about customer language and behavior. Chatbots are beneficial to both online customers and brands. Boosting customer engagement is one of the important roles of a chatbot. Depending on the business, chatbots can take user engagement to a whole new level.

Chatbots and Website Optimization

For example, potential customers might find filling out forms on your website time-consuming or difficult to understand without assistance. With chatbots, it would be easier to collect their data by engaging them in enjoyable conversations. It is also easier for visitors to ask the chatbot some information that they would normally scroll through the website for. When we consider the parameters that Google sets while assessing the relevance of your website, we are looking at how much time do engaged customers spend on the site, how many pages do they visit per sessions and what does it take them to complete the preferred action.

Providing customer support is one major advantage of a chatbot. They can resolve any issue your website visitors may have. An added advantage of a chatbot for non-native English speakers is that visitors can practice their language skills easily without worrying about a human being judgmental.

Does it affect your SEO?

With regards to SEO, your website’s design, user-friendliness and mobile responsive attributes play a huge role in your customer’s overall experience of your business that may lead to sales. It helps when your website chat management is cohesive in all aspects right to the choice of colours. It is also important to build a chatbot that is personalized for your website that is simple and user-friendly. Highly-equipped chatbots with machine learning and AI technology can give you specific results that you need, making them in some ways better than search engines for your SEO ranking. Knowing your target audience can help you understand their needs and expectations from you. This can be done by tracking interactions between the customer and the chatbot. This will also enable you to categorize your audiences and personalize communication with them effectively.

In conclusion, it is vital to know that the concept of chatbots is relatively new and therefore, frequent trial and errors are certain. The goal is to provide a good user experience at every level of a customer’s purchase journey. It is also helpful to think of a chatbot as another sales employee that does all the repetitive work for them. Therefore, it all boils down to maintaining positive user experiences that will result in putting your business on the map.

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