E-Mail Marketing Myths Debunked!

The first-ever myth we come across is that E-Mail marketing is dead. Well, According to Statista the E-mail users were 3.9 billion as of 2019 and it will increase to 4.48 billion in 2024, which is half of the world’s population. With this mind-blowing fact let us break down 3 more common about E-Mail Marketing.

Unsubscribes are Unhealthy.

We always expect our subscribers to stay, and when they unsubscribe it is depressing, making us feel like we have failed to deliver what wanted. But the reality is they might not engage subscribers for a long time adding weight to your list.

It is a healthier practice to limit your list within your engaged audience.

Shorter Subjects Better Conversion Rate.

We can see marketers getting obsessed over shorter subjects because they think long one gets cut down on the mobile devices of the recipient and they won’t be able to read the rest in the notification bar and they will probably ignore it rather than opening it.

What if it made them curious to know what’s in there? Yes, According to Return Path Subjects with 50-60 are likely to get opened more than the ones with 35-45 characters. However, it also says us that using more than 60-70 has a lesser read rate too.

So the subjects can be lengthy but make clear and engaging enough to get open.

Designed E-Mails Perform better than the Plain text ones.

Studies show us that most e-mail clients block images by default, So there might be chances of your clients missing out on your effortfully designed mails. So put your concentration and efforts on the content of the body and a catchy CTA.

We believe this article was informative and insightful. Contact us for further assistance with your E-Mail marketing and other Digital marketing requirements.

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