Fresh out of Ideas to post on Instagram? Here’s what you can do!

Have you ever been in a situation when you are out of ideas and you don’t know what to do? Well, “Instagram-Block” is totally normal and happens to most of us. It is easy to tackle with as well. So, what must you do when you are in need of a creative-push? Here are 6 strategies that will help you when you are having those dull days.


There are times when you need to speak the audiences’ language. A combination of visual and written messages is bound to hit the nail when it comes to communication. Add a little humor to the mixture – and you have got a message that is excellently communicated and got a laugh out of your target audience members.

Agreed that you are required to post relevant memes to your business’ industry BUT there can be moments when you can post memes that are running in the news-mill and are irrelevant to your field. If it’s going to get people to smile and comment on your post, what’s the harm, am I right?


If you have got a creative desk, give people a glimpse – a view of what an amazing desk looks like. Give your followers some inspiration. Don’t worry if you’ve got a messy desk? You’re sharing a glimpse of your real life, and that’s absolutely relatable. You could also show how you decked it up – a before and after picture to really get your followers hyped, that should do the trick!


Who doesn’t love a snuggly, cute, sweet, and nice animal to play with? Cats and Dogs are absolutely 100% adorable – they differ from person to person but they are wonderful to hang out with and light up your spirit.

Post pictures and videos of your pet being themselves with a quirky description that other people would be able to resonate with. Get an “aww” out of your audience members as well.


Speaking about your work life, the tasks that you do and how you do them could help your fellow community members to progress. When you share a few tips and advice, you are bound to get some appreciation. Share the tips that make everyone’s lives easier!

People tend to follow when there is value in the content – show them how it’s done! Talk about the apps, tools, and valuable tips. Combine them all and share information on how to keep their business stay organized!


Subtly promote your brand while you can. Turn it into a case-study and use the latest digital marketing tools to market it. IGTV, stories and well-designed and scripted videos shall do the trick! Talk about a challenge, the steps you took to solve it, and the result of it all – share the valuable content and make it a sappy story! Visual Communication shall help your business prosper.


What speaks motivation if not for quotes, am I right? Don’t overdo the quotes though. Stick to a quote that is less than 10 words so it can gain attention from your audience members. Use apps like Canvas to make it graphically appealing. Add images with a text to hit “the nail on the forehead”.

Hoping this has inspired you to work on your strategies to enhance the creative side of you. Don’t forget to plan the posts ahead of time, make a calendar and follow it religiously. Maintain consistency, get posts that align with your brand and produce one-of-a-kind content.

Have a cheerful ‘gramming!

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