Quarantine and Social Media

Quarantine and Social Media

We are all in the same boat, struggling and juggling to balance work-life, updates about the current situation, trying to stay indoors and positive. We tend to spend almost all the time amidst social media. Let’s take a look at the various ways social media applications which are keeping us through this quarantine.

Amidst all the chaos what we have in hand is ample amount of time, energy, resources and access to opportunities and information which keep us entertained, connected and provide us with the path to the required knowledge.

Skype – Keeping you in touch 

Speaking of social media, the most likely to be operated application is Google duo and Skype. During the quarantine, the hardest part of self-isolation would be not connecting to friends and family. No wonder video calling is touching heights these days. Applications like Google duo, Skype have been promoted to group or family chatting video applications which are used by millions around the world. We also have alternatives like zoom, facetime and Google hangouts which work relatively well. You could also use these applications to capture photographs, play games and watch movies while video calling. While zoom, often used for business meetings works well to host playdates or virtual classrooms. So buckle up this quarantine and see the future the virtual way!

Inshorts – Knowing it all without reading it all.

When in quarantine or not keep yourself updated with the latest news. With Inshorts in pocket read the latest news in less than 60 words. It selects the latest news from various international and national sources and summarizes relevant and meaningful news within 60 words.  Inshorts is all about “Knowing it all without reading it all”.

Netflix party – Let us party all night 

Partying doesn’t only mean hanging out with pals. Well, Netflix party makes the party vibes keeping going on. Netflix party is nothing but a chrome extension for movie nights. It also synchronizes video playback and adds group chat. Well, this works well on laptops or desktop computers, both Macs and PCs. Get your loved ones together, don’t miss out on movie night.

Drawful – Go Game!

Games never go out of style. Drawful is this go-to party game which is ideal for everyone to play and enjoy. It includes the ability to add user-generated prompted to add ranges of games. Drawful has also expanded tools for streaming. A fun and entertaining way to pass your quarantine time is Drawful.

These are a list of social media applications you could consider spending your time on. This quarantine read books or articles which are beneficial. You could also practice some cooking or learning a new skill. Stay tuned and reach to this space to explore more on how you could spend your time. Till then stay safe, stay home, stay fit and stay sanitized.

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