How to use facebook to increase sales

Most of the small business owners and local businesses use facebook to build likes and populate content. When coming to effective promotion, there are more than one ways to use facebook for generating leads and increasing sales. Few of them are listed below…

Create content for your buyer personas

Identify your buyers and create personas out of them. If you are targeting a working mom, try to create a fictional representation of the buyer with her age, kind of work she does, why does she needs your product or service and the challenges she face in real life without using yours.Populate the facebook page with relevant content in the tone you have set for your brand and populate it on your facebook page.

Drive Traffic to your website

Drive traffic to your website targeting your facebook followers and facebook fans who match your target audience. Thus by driving more traffic, you can retarget them later by educating more about your products or services.

Create Landing pages and promote it to your fans

Create specific landing pages for each of your services highlighting the benefits with a form and right call to action. This will help you to build database of facebook fans, who have shown interest in your product or service and also you can start generating leads for your business.

Run Lead Generation Ads

Using facebook, you can now generate leads by capturing their contact information, by asking basic questions to check their interest levels. Later you can divide them into warm, hot and cold leads to prioritize the follow ups.

Share your facebook posts in shopping groups

There are lot of facebook groups which connect the local shoppers and the facebook audience who keep following these groups.When you share your product post or services post, it increases the organic reach and as well as gains organic likes for your facebook business page.

Use Videos

Using videos is another way to tell your brand story in an elaborate manner without having to worry about the space constraint. You can create simple videos using flash and photoshop. If you are not a techie, there are many online tools which can help you to create a whiteboard video or an animated video.

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