How to use social media marketing to promote your restaurant business!

There are approximately 2.5crore people on social media channels in India. Customers are hooked on to social media, particularly facebook on mobile devices 24/7. They continuously monitor the happenings, look at videos, like and share useful tips and funny contents.
Now how restaurants can make use of facebook and other social media channels to promote their business?

Share menu on facebook page

Facebook page has the option to upload the menu on the page and showcase it to the viewers. As a restaurant owner, explore this option and make use of it.

Share recipes

Share interesting and innovative recipes on the facebook page. Your fans will love it and will keep coming back for it.

Shoot short videos on mobile

Shoot short videos in your restaurant dining area, food preparation and customer feedbacks on mobile and upload the same on to facebook, google plus and twitter. You can shoot those videos on mobile cameras to make it frequent and interesting.

Place Social Media Props

Ask customers to pose for a picture with props by rating their experience at the restaurant. Post them on to social media channels. Ask for their favourite food at your restaurant and mention it in the post.

Run surveys and polls

There are many free survey tools and facebook poll apps available on the internet. Look for the suitable one and use them to run surveys, polls and quizzes. Share real time pictures of the restaurant crowd to create hype.

Provide Discounts and Giveaways

Provide discounts and giveaways for facebook fans to bring walk-ins to your restaurant. Run offer campaigns to promote the same.

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