Increase Your Instagram Followers

Increase Your Instagram Followers 

Instagram is this trending application which not only helps in real networking but has proved to be a winner in the growth of the market. It is this happening social networking application that has rapidly gained popularity and calls for thumps in various business vertices. Let us have a look at techniques to grow your Instagram followers.

Creativity Speaks 

A phenomenon used to do something out of the box. Turning new and innovative ideas to reality in the form of images and posts is required to gain followers. Spontaneous, deliberative and cognitive creativity are few of the essential traits one can take inspiration from to generate valuable results. Following are strategies to make your images and posts stand out.

Reinvent and don’t stick to a single image. Single images are now old school. Say hello to slideshows wherein ten images, videos or boomerangs can fit into a single post at one go.

Make the extra effort and create the visual chain where images coordinate with a theme and look perfect. Before posting, check how impressive and creative the previous ones look. Arrange them according to colours, content, designs and photo orientation to get that sublime finish.

Relevant Hashtags 

They play a crucial role in developing interest among various social media channels that categorize content for the audience. They are great to grab visibility and reach in no time. It is your chance to be noticed and establish yourself with the use of relevant hashtags. These hashtags let you engage with a specific community and ultimately increase your followers. Specific hashtags which your audience already follow can help you get more engagement. Tip – Relate your post and hashtag to create the interest within your audience.


Increase the rate of your audience by using this technique called boosting. Boosting helps in increasing visibility and creating an urge to create engagement in the audience in some way. You can now choose your audience based on location, gender, age, occupation, interest and a lot more. Put your content in front of the right people and invite new users to your page. Boost is indeed the secret of our digital energy.

Time matters

Is there a specific time you follow to post on Instagram? If not, reconsider. It is mandatory to post on correct timings to get higher engagement in the first few hours of posting. B2B organizations are likely to have a higher click through rates between 12 pm to 1 pm and 5 to 6 pm and from even late as 8 to 9 pm. posting on the right time gives justice to the creative and compelling content your audience craves. Know your audience and follow their timings. Go with time and don’t miss-out.

Put Them on the Stories 

Your audience may not be at the pace to catch up with your posts which mean Instagram stores will do wonders. Stories capture all the moments, happenings and updates that keep you active and don’t let you miss out. A quick and easy swipe creates engrossment among non-followers as well. Upgraded story elements like gifs, questions, quiz and poll are a bonus. You could also add them to your highlights with music, filters and various doodles. Every picture has a story behind it. Add value to it by storying them.

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