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Key to improve your organic searches on Google

Correct SEO opens the doors for Google’s traffic to your business. In this regard, here are some ways to increase your organic rankings that we have discovered being one of the best SEO agency in Chennai
Create excellent content:
Content is a useful means to hold your viewer’s attention. Meaningful and relevant content is a useful lure in keeping a person on your website, which is known as dwell time. On a firm note, dwell time is the amount of time visitors spend on the website, which considerably influences your organic ranking.
Stick to originality:
In addition to guaranteeing that you post quality content, it is essential that you don’t forget the component of originality. SEO stands on the foundation of uniqueness. Same text or matching content does harm to your organic ranking.
Enhance your page load time:
A sluggishly loading website does two-way damage. Firstly, Google detects the crawling pace, which damages your site’s organic ranking. Secondly, a slow speed toxins customer conversion rate and amps up the desertion rates for your business. The second factor links back to the first one, as visitors don’t involve with your website, resulting in a loss to search engine ranking.
Optimize images:
Images are much-admired for captivating your viewer’s attention. It’s no miracle that pictures are known for speaking louder than words. While using high-quality images for your website is a must, there are ways to enhance images as well for improving page load time.
Create a striking meta description:
The meta description is a vital window that gives a quick peek into the webpage’s content. Google shows this description under the page title. It is here that a guest decides if he wants to click and read your material, which is known as the click-through rate.                              
Begin blogging:
blogging is great for business. Businesses that publishing blog posts have 13 times more chance of attaining a positive ROI. Blogging helps to suppress some great marketing challenges that are faced by both B2B and B2C companies. Moreover, businesses that run a blog are probable to have more indexed pages.
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