On-Page SEO Vs Off-Page SEO

We know that in Digital marketing, SEO plays an important role but we always get confused about what is On-page SEO and Off-page SEO. The types of SEO are very important for the success of Social media campaigns, but they are completely different from each other.

On-page SEO helps in optimizing the parts of your website that are completely within your control. Whereas, Off-page SEO increases the authority of your brand through content creation and earning backlines from other websites. We will breakdown it for your understanding. There are two main factors that search engines look for when evaluating your site compared to other sites on the web. Firstly, “What you rank for” depends on the on-page factors, secondly, “How high you rank” depends on the off-page factor.


On-page SEO is also known as on-site SEO is the way of optimizing different parts of your site that will affect your search engine rankings. Your website ranking in the search engine depends on various factors such as site accessibility, keywords, optimized content, title tags, etc. You will be having control over these factors and can help you change your website. The On-page SEO checklist you need to remember is title tags, headings, URL structure, Alt text for images, page load speed, Mobile page loading speed, Page content, Internal linking, Schema markup, social tags, Core web vitals, Positive reviews.


Off-page SEO works on increasing the authority of your domain by the act of getting links from other websites. How the authority works is that the more links your website has, the higher your page ranks. There is something called Domain Authority that helps to calculate how authoritative your website is when compared to other sites. The Off-page SEO depends on the number and quality of backlinks to your website. Though link quantity is important but recently content creators and SEO specialists feel that link quality is now more important than link quantity. Creating shareable content is needed for earning valuable links and helps in improving the Off-page SEO. The number of links you need to provide depends upon the domain authority of your brand’s competitors.

So, what is important On-page SEO or Off-page SEO?? They both work together to increase your search engine ranking. First, start aligning the On-page SEO before you start focusing on Off-page SEO. You need to maintain your On-page SEO from time to time. You need to find a balance between two SEO’s will help in improving the ranking of your website.

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