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Pros and Cons of AI Technology in the next phase of Digital Marketing

What is AI and why it is so popular?
AI can create simulation models and personalized buying processes with the products of recommendation based on machine learning technologies and intuition with virtual assistants. A wonder is, AI technology has generated a lot of attention since its early stages of development. It is becoming more and more popular in digital marketing industries, and corporate companies are increasingly implementing it to spur growth. It also includes Customer services, data management, and several CRM models.

AI plays a significant role in Digital Marketing. As digital marketers, we jump on trends that work effectively for social media.  In terms of digital marketing, it has a tons of promises. It enables targeted marketing, better customer experiences, and predictive analytics, all of which increase firms’ returns on investments. Before getting into it deeper ask yourself “ Whether AI or I am going to rule the next phase of Digital marketing? “

Your cons going to make a big difference in the next phase of digital marketing. From the below cons and pros categorize yourself where you fit into. There are two categories of AI: one that relies only on AI tools, and the other that doesn’t rely on AI tools.

Let’s understand this through the conversation between AI technology and a human.

AI Technology: I am here to replace you and overtake your efforts with the easiest technology. You can sit simply and watch how my magic does wonders for your business. Also, I have numerous data that are really going to help you out.

Human: No you are wrong. I have emotion and you don’t. We have creative decision makings and imagination that change person to person’s uniqueness. so how come you help me with emotional circumstances? My employees need education and experience where their future will be in leadership.

AI Technology: Your employees can be the next leader of technology where they get all the work done at their fingertips. You do need not to pay much rather it saves you the cost.

Human: You won’t read the minds of people or speak to them about what they exactly want. Humans can converse with them and determine their efficiency.

AI Technology: We do have deep learning that enables us to more accurately identify user behavior and anticipate client needs.

Ufff!! It goes on and on. There will be more AI technologies grounded in the future. But it’s us to decide where we belong and how to use the technologies wisely.

There will always be positives and negatives with technology. AI is no exception. Marketers must strike a balance between these and operate in a way that is open and truthful, conveys value to people, and makes it evident that the advantages exceed the disadvantages. The use of AI in marketing and other industries will skyrocket during the coming years. The companies who manage to strike this balance will stand to gain the most both for themselves and their clients.

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