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The future of short video apps & Should we adapt to them?

When the World Famous app Tiktok saw a dramatic boom out of nowhere, The idea of creating short videos and conveying the content within less than a minute has become a fascinating concept. Let’s dig deeper into this to find out what is so engaging about it.

Is this the right time to start with short videos?

Youtube is the second largest search engine in the world as of now. There are high chances of it becoming the first soon. Because video content explains the information clearer and visually satisfies the audience, which is more comfortable to learn and get entertained.

And these short-format videos such as reels, youtube shorts, and so on give them an unskippable and captivating experience within less than a minute so, the right time is right now.

Some engaging content Ideas for short-format videos.

Branding content does not work much in this area. Go for content like Behind The Scenes, Before & After transformation, Did you know facts that relate to your brand, etc., because it is more important to win an audience than customers in here.

Why does our audience just love it?

The average attention span of humans counts from 6 to 8 seconds, And in these short-format videos, most of the interesting content is conveyed by that time and some of these videos even end by this span.

All these make it more entertaining and rewatchable. When people tend to come back to your content, again and again, making your engagements automatically explode in a lesser time.

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