The power to influence!

What is influencer marketing? How does it help in persuading an audience?

We are all well aware of the traditional marketing practiced around the world since the advent of advertising world. From newspapers, billboards, and flyers to radio, television and other media, were some of the marketing media that were generally used widely.

But recent times have called for different types of marketing. Since the increase in users of social media sites, brands have had to amplify their marketing strategies, and so have another group of people called the ‘influencers’. These influencers range from bloggers, content creators, to writers across social media platforms. Influencers work on their own interests and are followed by a sizeable audience that may share similar interests with the influencer.

Influencing your way to marketing

It may be difficult to find the right medium to either market your product or create awareness for your brand. Effective marketing solutions cut through the noise and get to the right people.  Influencers don’t just have to be your regular celebrities or lifestyle bloggers; they could also be academics, journalists or analysts.  The power of influencers mainly relies on the different ways they bring sales to the business.

Depending on the audience, their reach can bring different benefits to your brand. They can help establish credibility over your products by providing testimonials and reviews or just by endorsing them in a post. Brand awareness is one of the important benefits of influencing on social media. Apart from the fundamental benefits, an influencer’s reach focuses on bringing traffic to websites, followers on your brand’s social media channels, likes, etc. Their promotions reach beyond their own followers to their followers’ connections as well! This promises a reach that other marketing media cannot.

Recent researches show that influencer marketing outperforms traditional marketing in many ways. Instagram influencer business has become a billion-dollar industry in the past year with huge brands using this medium to promote their businesses. If you are a business that is considering influencer marketing, it is important that you chart out an evaluation on how this marketing fits with your overall strategy. Apart from this, it is also essential to research the influencer’s audience type and if your product will align with their followers. Once the marketing structure is framed with all the aspects needed, it will help your brand to run an effective campaign through influencer marketing.

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