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User experience is key to Digital Marketing success.

This new era’s consumers are smart, knowledgeable, and time-starved, and they want their needs met immediate.
Whether at an office, on a bus or in a grocery line, people like to access the internet for a myriad of reasons; whether to shop, book trips, check in with friends, or just search for data. These numerous online functions all have one thing in common:  the quality of a person’s online experience makes a huge impression.
A serious part of that involvement is the ease with which a customer can find, access, evaluates or buy products and services. For industries wanting to attract and convert that interest into revenue, user experience (UX) is vital to their success and, in many cases, existence.
When it comes to emerging and performing modern digital marketing strategies, UX is often ignored.  In fact, only 53% of brands are currently in the process of user experience testing—which is unbelievable when you consider that 73% of people will return to a website if its UX is enhanced for mobile.
The ideal online buyer journey is a user-friendly website that combines continuous navigation; a clean-cut purchasing journey; energetic and digestible content; high customer support, and mobile device compatibility. By joining these elements, a business can create a digital situation that can make a brand stand out from the rest. So, why do establishments so often neglect UX when it comes to winning customers?
While many marketers wave off user experience as an industry slogan, this is not the case. In fact, the most effective marketers in the industry will tell you that user experience is the key to easing conversions and helping you to become that unique thing in a vastly oversubscribed digital place.
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