What is moment marketing?

The term moment marketing explains that marketing makes the best use of the happenings of this particular moment. It is must be spontaneous, quick, and related to the trending situation that has a good connection with our brand.

However, it loses the excitement and vibe when you miss out on the trend.

How to use it well?

Keep in touch with the trends going all over the internet, by going through them regularly every day. Usually, a moment stays in trend for a week maximum and will start losing its vibe gradually by then.

So, we must be very spontaneous and real quick to keep up with it or else, there’s no more excitement for it anymore.

Can trends be created?

The answer is absolute yes some brands create their music and use the influencers across social media to create reels for it and set the trend on their own. And another way is to challenge our audience and conduct contests for them.

Converting our audience into participants creates more interest in knowing about our products. Which results in getting more engagements and conversions

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