How to use social media marketing to promote your restaurant business!

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There are approximately 2.5crore people on social media channels in India. Customers are hooked on to social media, particularly facebook on mobile devices 24/7. They continuously monitor the happenings, look at videos, like and share useful tips and funny contents.
Now how restaurants can make use of facebook and other social media channels to promote their business?

A Guide to Keyword Research

A Guide to Keyword Research

The search engines have been reducing the importance of keyword relevance to rank on the top for many years.

It is not necessary to include your keywords title tags or headline tags (H1, H2, H3) in order to rank on top five in the search engine result pages. Usage of exact keyword phrases is also not required.

This doesn’t mean you should abandon the keyword research and focus on content. The goal of this article is to show how keyword research continues to be important but in a different way. There is a scientific way to understand how keywords are being used by search engines today can help you rank high and get more traffic

Facebook-10 Year Master Plan

Mark zuckerberg last year unveiled the Facebook’s grand vision for the next decade that focuses on eco systems, products and technologies. Zuckerberg said that they are “building the technology to give anyone the power to share anything they want with anyone else”. While the goal is to connect the world through the Facebook website and app, the interesting part is its plans which are outside its core business.

How to stay in touch with your existing clients and potential audience using facebook!

How to stay in touch with your existing clients and potential audience using facebook!

How often do you communicate with your clients? Do you keep sending those newsletters regularly? Or run an e-mail campaign?

If your client base is huge, and if you are to communicate with your existing clients on a daily basis, it might be a little expensive option for you to work on traditional mail marketing and e-mail marketing. If you are running a small business you might not have budgets to pump in on every channel.

If you are managing a facebook page for your business, there are simple ways and means to be in touch with your existing clients. By creating “Custom Audience” using your existing customers email id and mobile numbers, you can push your daily content to them through facebook.